Murder mystery planning/notes

The last two companies I’ve worked for have been hell, and honestly they got more out of me then I did out of them. The problem is, both are run/managed by sociopaths who will continue to put stress on fellow human beings. In a perfect world, I’d whack a few key managers like Mahfuz, but since that is technically illegal I am going to do this vicariously through a murder mystery. What follows are my ongoing notes and plan. Please note, I am not a killer so you need not worry about people, but gosh this is going to be fun to whack a couple of Bosses From Hell.,+OR+97707/2055+Gateway+Pl+%23300,+San+Jose,+CA+95110/@33.8648109,-121.6628058,9z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m2!1m1!1s0x54b89896d099184b:0x2a146a5fb87bc40c!1m2!1m1!1s0x808fcbead57e5c21:0x53bfdb9bca51ef9c!3e1?hl=en-us

Murder mystery planning/notes

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