Happiness is a detailed car!

There was a time when I washed and cleaned the family cars every Saturday morning, which honestly sometimes drove my wife crazy when she emerged from the house to run an errand only to find me crawling through her car with a vacuum and polish.  But — from the Careful What You Complain About Regarding Your Spouse File — since my illness and resulting fatigue, life is now about prioritization and one of the things that fell by the wayside was a washed and cleaned car.  So whereas the car was washed every Saturday and waxed twice a year, it is now washed maybe one per year, and vacuumed and waxed about once every — well, never.  Who knew that a car that was once washed once per week would suddenly look pretty dusty after a year or more??  Anyway, my wonderful wife M – out of the kindness of her heart and embarrassment by my car — scheduled a detailing for me, and for the price of a nice dinner or two out, I now have a car that literally looks (and feels) like new.  A simple happiness in life is a clean car (although as long as there are hungry people I’ll never say it is a priority for me, anymore).  And a wonderful happiness is having a sweet wife who schedules that for me.

Happiness is a detailed car!

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