Dreams about cousin G

Have been dreaming about my older cousin G the past few days, but the dreams are largely evaporating as I wake up.  I remember in this last dream he was bragging about being 212 pounds to wife M and I, as I was eating some kind of soup, and a short time later he was out of the dream and I found myself in the heart of Ballard, and was trying to determine the fastest way to walk east back home (i.e. do I walk north to 65th, or just walk east)?  G has been on FB a lot lately, and when he is I think about him and his health issues.  It is strange to see someone you’ve known most of his whole life begin to have some serious chronic health issues such as stroke and heart failure at at 50.  People could say the same thing about me and my lung disease, of course, but I also think I look so healthy since ending treatments a few years ago that people don’t think of me as having chronic illness (which of course is truly a mixed blessing).

Dreams about cousin G

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