Cousin G in hospital again

I’m not a believer in visions and I don’t believe that dreams tell us anything more than what is already worrying or bothering us (consciously or not)*, but I learned today that after a few days of dreaming about my cousin G, he was in the hospital again last night.  He is out now, and resting at home, thank goodness.  This is not exactly in incredible coincidence – with heart failure and severe strokes, he has been in and out of hospitals often for the past two years.  I’d love to say that family and friends getting sick gets less troublesome and more expected as we get older, but it doesn’t and it saddens me that he is ailing.

* My mom is a huge believer in visions and dreams.  She’ll dream of someone being in her room, only to find out the person died.  But the thing is, so many times those people were already sick and/or ailing, and often in the hospital, so my guess is mom had dreams about that person several times but we only remember the one that actually ends up being correct.  For example, Bob my fictonal neighbor can have a chronic illness, and be in and out of the hospital for five years and I dream frequently about that with no result, but then the one time I dream of him and he dies, I’m going to think, “Whoa, I dreamed about him, it must have been a vision.”  I genuinely think that people truly believe they have visions and dreams, I’m just not certain they are an accurate forecaster of what is to happen 🙂  But, I’m not an expert and am by no means omniscient, so I may be wrong and will certainly respect differing opinions on this.

Cousin G in hospital again

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