Watching Bridge Over River Kwai

Opens with graves by railroad. Ragged prisoners toil halfheartedly on radio. New prisoners march in like Bataan Death March. Two hardened prisoners dig a grave over terse conversation. We hear whistling from Col’s hut, fresh but ragged prisoners march proudly in in formation under command of their col. Two grave diggers speculate that new prisoners will suffer/die. We learn camp 16 is along important railroad and they will build bridge. Escape is impossible due to island jungle. Nicholson speaks to Col – officers not to do forced labor. Nicholson tours camp, informed most prisoners die, laughs that Syato not reasonable. Officers meeting, Jennings says escape hard but survival harder; Nich states he was ordered to surrender and will follow letter of law, wants soldiers to feel soldiers and not slaves, Jennings says he is a slave. Col lectures them that they are prisoners not soldiers, dishonored and officers will do labor; Nich quotes Geneva code, Col strikes him and says cowards; nich says will not do labor, machine gun appears as officers stand, but nich refuses, just as about to shoot prison doctor rushes in to stop, officers forced to stand in hot sun all day.

Watching Bridge Over River Kwai

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