Strange long vivid dream about gym, Mercer Island, family gathering…

My odd and vivid dreams continue after a break 2 nights ago. Last night:

Was at the gym, and someone was pulling a machine’s bar all the way across the room and releasing as part of his exercise, and I was privately worried that the bar was going to hurt me or someone as it hurtled across the room. I continued my workouts until on his second release the bar struck someone, who was annoyed and slightly hurt. Wife picked me up and we were on our way to our house, which turned out to be across the Ballard Bridge, which was in my dream actually I90. We crossed to Mercer Island, which were actually sheer cliffs, and I was sad that they were now building houses on those cliffs. Wife M had actually purchased us a house on those cliffs, and the house was nice except a gas station was part of our driveway and I didn’t say anything about my concerns because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Turns out, my cousin J on my dad’s side lived nearby, and a moment later we were at his house at a gathering of family and friends, except I couldn’t remember who anyone was except for he and my wife. People kept coming up to say hello and I had to fake remembering them. My cousin was actually extremely sick with some unfortunate wasting disease (in my dream), and I was disturbed how much he’d aged, and how sick he looked with his breathing machines and various bags, except he was trying to act like he was healthy and nothing was wrong. His wife was complaining publicly about his declining romantic skills and a very recent missed opportunity for him to be romantic with her, while he tried to act like everything was normal. He was falling into a medical episode as a I woke up. Quite a few of the wives at the family gathering were middle eastern women dressed in nice cocktail evening dresses. Bizarre dream that I didn’t realize was a dream of course until the alarm went off.

Strange long vivid dream about gym, Mercer Island, family gathering…

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