Vivid dreams lately

Have been having vivid uncomfortable dreams lately and when I wake up it takes a moment for me to realize they aren’t real.  The dreams fizzle after a short time, but thought I’d document some of them when I have a moment:

  • At the encouragement of a corporate recdruiter, applied online for a job at the parent company of my former company; next day, bumped into the VP of my former company, and he said he’d heard I was doing a good job of lying on my resume.  I got into a heated argument, where I pointed out not only was he wrong but he was clueless and look how terrible of a job he was doing considering they hadn’t had any wins since I left the office.  Interesting was the VP was clean-shaven in the dream – he is bearded in real life.
  • Was on a ship that was having repeated rescue drills that required us to jump off the towering ship into the sea below.  To ensure we abandoned the ship, they were pumping water through the halls to force passengers out. I was worried about drowning in this process since the evacuation required us to be underwater for a period of time, and at one point I missed my exit opportunity and was in danger of being overrun by the water.  Finally, I had to jump over the internal railing down a towering chute, hoping that I would be able to escape at the bottom.  Before the final drill of my dream, I left, realizing there was a risk of my getting in trouble with the ship’s authorities but doing it anyway.
  • 7/12 didn’t have vivid dreams and dream faded from memory within moments of waking.
Vivid dreams lately

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