Hannibal (From Rocking the Boat…)

Hannibal, who took over Carthage at age 26, is said to have taken steps to start the Second Punic War with Rome to avenge his grandfather/country following an unfavorable treaty with fellow super power Rome following Carthage’s defeat in the 13-year First Punic War..  Hannibal led his men and elephants over the Alps into Italy before defeating the Romans several times, most famously in the Battle of Cannae.  In this battle, he countered the Roman phalanx (with superior numbers) with a crescent-shaped double-envelope move, and this strategy and the battle are widely considered some of the greatest military achievements of all time.  Hannibal’s long-term strategy of turning Rome’s allies against it failed, and Rome eventually attacked his extended supply lines while winning on two other fronts, resulting in Carthage’s long-term defeat.  Carthage’s power was reduced to its single city-state after the Second Punic War and the Third Punic War completely destroyed Carthage.   

Hannibal (From Rocking the Boat…)

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