Lot of similarities between France in 1789 and America today

Am perusing (scanning) through the history of the French Revolution and am struck by how many similarities there are between France pre-revolution and America today.  

In essence, it was a geographically complex country that had rich territories and poor ones, and while the actual government sank deeper into debt and the 98% of the people sank deeper into poverty, the 2% made most of the laws and continued to add to their holdings.  Eventually, the people lost hope and a revolution began.  Makes me think of how in debt our government is, how Corporate Interests rule Congress and the Aristocrats of America (e.g. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Steve Bezos) are so far removed from the struggling average American working multiple low-wage jobs while coping with soaring rents.  Additionally, France was suffering from increased beggars — i.e. poor farmers who lost their lands and had to beg for a living.  Anyone walking through the streets of any major Coastal city in America has to be oblivious to not notice the 1000s of people living on the streets with no hope.  

I swear, America is a powder keg with many matches laying about.  There have been a few sparks, but nothing has hit the largest powder kegs yet.  I hope we (the masses) figure that out and start more equally distributing everything (e.g.substantially increasing taxes on anyone making more than 1M a year and increasing land/ownership/asset taxes on Billionaires and Corporations) before something explodes.

In France, it meant the wealthy (literally) lost their heads and chaos for years before Napolean took control and sent thousands of peasants to their deaths via the army in England, Russia, etc.  But honestly, I think France is a far better country today — 200 years later — than the US is…

We are not rich, but we do own a house and have enough to eat, so have something to lose if all hell breaks loose.  I do hope there is significant reform so I feel better about our country.

Lot of similarities between France in 1789 and America today

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