At a crossroads…

I am not in a great company.  My boss was fired, there are a lot of personal agendas combined with some clownish characters in power, and I learned this week that my new compensation plan essentially caps me at less than what I am accustomed to earning.  But I have a decent title in a large brand name, and frankly I am tired of the job changes as my industry addresses various pressures through restructuring and consolidation.

But I have an offer in front of me with what I believe is a better quality but much smaller company with staying power (it has weathered two recessions).  I would be an IC, which is good and bad.  It is a step down as far as company brand names goes, but on the other hand I’ve learned over the years that I thrive in small companies that need an ifusion of revenue – there are less politics and personal agendas to distract me from what I am very very good at – Sales in general and Business Development in particular.

What to do?  I am leaning towards the small company. It is my calling, and I’ve always been an outlier.  I just have to get comfortable with the idea.


At a crossroads…

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