Under Growing Work Pressure

Four months ago, I inherited an unprofitable office (losing 15K month) who’d recently lost 2 of its 6 producers, with the remaining 4 having less than 1 year of tenure and 5 years of combined experience.  I spent the first two months implementing a plan, onboarding 2 new producers and working through our most experienced Producer’s 2-month maternity leave.  By some miracle, in that time we’ve doubled revenue, turned a profit, exceeded my original revenue objectives and have the team moving in a singular direction.  

But I am under increasing pressure.  We all are.  The entire companies revenues are down, which means intensed scrutiny on down the line. But I am mentally struggling with the intense scrutiny of my team’s every conceivable metric and the increased volume in my weekly 1:1s of “Yes, you’ve done great, but it is not enough.” And I’ve come to dread our weekly Manager calls and my 1:1s with our Veep.

To add to the fun, I have an unpredictable Producer I inherited whose intense personality and mood swings is starting to impact the team, and I will probably have to make a change.  The challenge with her is normally I’d give someone an off-the-record-warning of “look, I’m having a talk now, but the reality is you probably aren’t going to last” but she tends to lash out (e.g. sends hate mails to other Directors) when I  have off the record conversations with her. 

Gee, why aren’t I sleeping very well this week?

My wife has told me to cut back on the hours (if I am working 12-13 hour days already, clearly it won’t be the difference maker) and that it comes with the job.  Which is true.  I also need to keep my resume updated — after all, I’ve worked miracles and feel like my livelihood is threatened, what is going to happen when I have an inevitably bad month?  

In the meantime, I’ll do what I can to work miracles.  đź™‚

Under Growing Work Pressure

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