My son tried — unsuccessfully — to give blood :)

Today my son R tried to donate blood.  No big deal — except he’s had a lifelong fear of needles.  The past few years he has tried to overcome it, so making the attempt was a big deal for him, except he was so light headed from nervousness when they went to prick him today that they turned away 🙂 I’m happy for him for trying.

The poor guy – when he was younger we’d get after him when he’d fight us over his flu shot.  Turns out that he has a legimiate fear of needles.  It is sooooo hard to be a kid – when you’re an adult, no one harrasses  you about getting your flu shot, except quite possibly a nagging spouse.  But when you’re a kid, everyone assumes it’s a matter of mind over matter and we harass the poor kid(s)…  

For me, it was polyester — I had the misfortune of growing up during a polyester era, and polyester irritates my skin.  Unfortunately, my parents assumed my discomfort was from a lack of effort, so I was forced to wear the shirts for a predetermined length of time (usually a few hours).  Ugh.  It was torture enough being seen in polyester, let alone also having a sensitivity to it 🙂  I hope there is a special place in Hades for the inventor of the polyester leisure suit.

My son tried — unsuccessfully — to give blood :)

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