The family dog is nearly deaf

The family dog, nearing 11, is nearly deaf.  How do I know?  Because the sound of his dog bowl no longer attracts him, something I began to notice a few months ago.  Time was, if I couldn’t find the dog, all I had to do was nudge his dog bowl and he’d materialize out of thin air. Now, I have to go room to room to find him, unless dinner is late, in which case he finds me.  

Dogs are amazing creatures.  One year, they are tearing up the house, getting into all kinds of mischief, bouncing around like a Tigger on Caffeine, the next year they are old, and broken down. 10 years isn’t a long time.  When I was a 12, a classmate died in a fire, and 30+ years later at least once a week I remember him and how tragic it was that he didn’t get to experience life.  Yet, there is a reasonable chance my classmate will have a longer life than our oldest dog.

Luckily, age hasn’t deterred his interest in food or back rubs, and hasn’t reduced the family’s love for him.

The family dog is nearly deaf

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