Who Knew the Risks of Being A Dog In A House of Teens?

One of the beauties of having high school students in the house is they go to bed after M and I do.  Which means quite a few times I’ll clean up the dishes and wipe everything down before I go to bed, only to wake up and find a kitchen literally spilling over with dirty dishes and crumbs first thing in the morning.  It’s pretty amazing, more than a little humorous, and anyone who has had teens (or been a teen) knows that nagging/begging/pleading/yelling/bribing has zero long-term effect.

Last night, this theme took a different twist when one of the teens let our youngest dog out to use the bathroom (AKA backyard) at some point after 10 PM, then forgot to bring him back in.  

I awakened at 5 AM to hear the desperate yelping of the dog (“For heaven’s sake, pleeeeasssse let me in!”), who was trying to claw his way through our back door, and who tore through the house in utter madness or pure elation (not sure which) when I let him in.  Needless to say, he got a few sympathetic pats and even a dog treat out of the deal, so he feels pretty good now.  So it is when you live with beloved teens. 🙂    

Never a dull moment.  And I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

Who Knew the Risks of Being A Dog In A House of Teens?

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