Passively and unexpectedly interviewed with a competitor

Passively interviewed with a competitor.  In my defense, I didn’t start as an interview – I thought we were having coffee to share ideas and intelligence.  He asked if I’d meet with his teams, which I did.  Think I’m staying where I am, but it was a moral victory for me – as someone intensely focused on my job at hand, I’ve never been good at passively interviewing — I’m either all in or all out.  But it was valuable — I learned somethings and got some ideas, plus built some connections if my current situation heads south. What I observed:

They are doubling down on a large account in the area that other Suppliers are moving away from due to downward pricing pressure.

Their Sales VP reads Data/KPIs right to left – starts at quota and moves backward through the metrics from there.  I like that phrase — if a rep is at quota (the far right on most reports), you stop there; if they are short, you move to the next metric on the left.  I realize too I need to build a stronger wall that separates my team’s culture from the intense micromanagement culture of our HQ.

They hired several new VPs.  One is implementing a re-seller program, another is restructuring the sales team and a third is leading the sales efforts.  In the meantime, they have tenured VPs doing their normal things.  I can see the beginnings of a turf war, and don’t want to get in the middle of that.

Finally, they would have to fiture out a position for me, and the Sales VP asked me why I would take a step down (from DIrector to IC).  That was news to me, but more than anything else I’ve realized lately that although I love selling and being an IC, stepping down is a big move and should be with the right company and the right opporutnity.  That is, it’s not something to be taken lightly.

Passively and unexpectedly interviewed with a competitor

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